Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex
  • Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex
  • Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex
  • Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex
  • Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex
  • Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex

Arachnid Studios Classic PS4 Dye Sublimation On Spandex

Starting at: $65

Custom Options

Size Chart
The price  includes the printing & sewing service only.It is designed by Arachnid Studios.
You need to pay for the pattern fee and It is $40 on the Arachnid Studios website.
If you do not have it,you may order here to save $10.
If you already have it,please choose I already have it and send the pattern to us after your payment.
We need about 2 weeks to finish this cosplay costume for you.
  • Ankle Zip
  • Detached Feet
  • Detached Mask
  • Female Crotch Zip
  • Male Crotch Zip
  • Mask Zip
  • Neck Zip
  • Open Eyes
  • U Zip
  • Forearm Zip
  • Kungfu shoes
  • Soles:black rubber soles to the bottom of the suit
  • A mask without choosing attached lenses:
  • Puff Painting Webs only.It costs extra 20 working days.
  • Screen Printed Emblems Can't Go With Back Zip.
Product Reviews
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by Zachary ShawverDate Added: 03/04/2024TEXT_OF_5_STARS
I had the suit for a couple of months now I'm in love with it. I took it to a local comic convention and people loved it, I took so many photos with people and kids. 10/10 would recommend.

by Justin ChavezDate Added: 01/29/2024TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Great vibrant colors. Color Fabrics are DEFINITELY the way to go with this suit. Fits and feels great. My only complaint is that the height of the boots are MUCH shorter than how they look in pictures advertised for this suit. The images here show the boots ending a few inches below the knee. In person they end just a few inches above the ankle.

by Jonathan BarbosaDate Added: 10/11/2023TEXT_OF_5_STARS
This is a good suit! Good things: The sewing work is very good, the fabric has great quality and the color (colored fabric) and printing are excellent. Bad things: The pattern in many places is wrong (on the back shoulder) The boots are too short, they should be longer, the front spider emblem has some errors (I corrected them, because I made the emblem in 3d on my own). I think they should tell Arachnid Studios to fix these things, so that the next people who buy this suit see these fixes. Conclusion: I made the liquid border, the faceshell, the front spider emblem and the shoes, but some things like the boots are unfixable.

by owen tomczakDate Added: 10/03/2023TEXT_OF_5_STARS
So I am a bit bigger at 245 lbs and 5ft 11, I was worried about my belly and side fat being noticeable in this costume as is the case with an amazon one I got that was to small even at the largest size, this costume not only fit me PERFECTLY but was not scheduled to arrive until Oct 5th 2023, I received it on Oct 2nd 2023, I had ordered it on Sep 5th 2023, it was definitely worth the wait, I do not have any photos as of yet as I tried it on to get the feeling as to how to get into it, I got it with the kung fu shoes, and detachable mask with sown on eyes, I will definitely be buying my next spiderman suit from print costume! If you get the kung fu shoes I HIGHLY recommend getting the zippers in the legs. Material is good quality and the craftsmanship definitely shows. I would recommend this product and website to friends!

by Adam DinerosDate Added: 09/22/2023TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Good product overall! Colors are rich and vibrant and will always recommend going with color fabrics whenever possible. The screen printed emblems were also nice and high quality, though not exactly sure why the front spider's legs were rounded off at the end while the back spider was totally fine; not a deal breaker, but something to be aware of. Shipping did take a little while, but still happy to have received it nonetheless. Will also recommend going with Custom Measurements as I went with the "Small" size preset and while I did make it fit, it is a tad too tight as I had to "struggle" a bit to put it on and off. Still, I'll definitely make another purchase in the future, next time with Custom Measurements!

by Lucas LinnDate Added: 08/08/2023TEXT_OF_5_STARS
My first suit I’ve ever bought and what a good suit it is! It’s very flexible and I didn’t feel like it was going to tear on me at any point in time. It was very snug and secure and I didn’t need to mess with anything too much except for the face shell and mask a bit. I wore it to Otakon 2023 and everyone else seemed to love it too!

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 35 reviews)
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